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At Nutri4Verve, we get to the root cause of your weight problem by helping you tackle the reasons for your unhealthy eating behaviour. Our weight loss diet plans & management programs are personally supervised to help you lose weight quickly at a safe and sustainable rate. As you approach your goal weight, we'll teach you how to maintain your healthy weight for life - so you can focus on living, not 'dieting'.

Our Unique Approach works on not just on what people eat but why they overeat? Or even sometimes why do they eat so less and still gain weight???

Our Diet Plans & Programs are motivational enough to help you overcome your attitudes, emotions, habits and behavior underlying overeating, less eating or other unhealthy behaviors.
Our Team, under our Nutritionist / Dietitian Shivani Sikri, is committed to providing simple, practical and effective nutrition and dietary consultancy which is specifically tailored according to physical and mental status and keeping in mind your daily routine so that our individual clients can follow up their plans effectively and efficiently. As a result they benefit better health and can maximize their
"VERVE" - The energy for living.

" The purpose is to get healthy, not skinny & maintain a healthy lifestyle "

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Our Unique & Customised Diet Plans can help you

Lose Weight From Home

We provide you with healthy eating diet plans according to your lifestyle, your office or home schedules, your eating habits, your meal preferences, your eating timings i.e. they are totally customised as per your needs.

We provide round the clock* support from our experts through Phone, Skype, Whatsapp etc. to help you whenever you need it. Under our Weight Loss Diet Plans, we will train your body to lose extra fat deposits and continue to have a leaner body even after you end you plans.

Once you join us, our Expert - Dietitian in Delhi - will be a friend for life..!

We extend online diet consultation with weight loss and therapeutic diet plans, for the clients who cannot visit us. You will be under the supervision of Best Dietician and Nutritionist. Our diet expert believe in Total nutrition and balance diet, through which you can lose your extra body fat and be in good shape.

Every person somehow learns how to lose weight - through online search, unwarranted advices from friends or colleagues or free diet plans on internet - but these diet plans do not work in long run and your weight bounces back to original. Thus for a sustained weight loss, one has to understand a range of parameters like the body type, blood group, physical and biological ailments, eating habits etc. Our dietician and nutritionist, through her effective and easy to follow diet plans, can help you lose weight with sustained results.

Our simple and easy to follow diet plans include - no fancy diets, no crash diets or supplements - you eat food straight from your kitchen. We simply correct your eating habits and food intake timings and right combinations of food nutrients for a balance diet.

We have our fully satisfied customer base and clients from Delhi - South Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi; Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab including Gurdaspur, Pathankot, Hoshiarpur, Batala, Amritsar, Chandigarh and many more..

Nutritionist &
Wellness Specialist


how much you want to lose, and she'll design a day-by-day program just for you - based on your body, lifestyle, and goals...

3 months with our Nutritionist

Start working on your body today, and with our unique personalised diet programs,
in 90 days you will see a totally different person in the mirror!

Questions in your mind.. Have an informal chat with our expert Nutritionist on Whatsapp..

NO Starving

NO Pills

NO Visits

NO Chemicals

NO Liposuctions

Just enjoy our Weight Management Diets and lose weight quickly.. !!

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** Disclaimer: All above testimonial notes are inputs from respective Clients and are placed as it is.. The results are based on their specific diet plans whose results differ from person to person.

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No hunger cramps, no cravings, No weakness, easy to maintain, a perfect balanced diet. Since it tastes good its easy to keep control on oneself. One must thing i would say is its Attractive, good and genuine. Simply Awesome!! Initially lost 3 kg in 1 week and eventually the rest. I was 70 kg and now am 59 kg. Inspired to loose even more.!! **
Priya Vaid

** Disclaimer: All above testimonial notes are inputs from respective Clients and are placed as it is.. The results are based on their specific diet plans whose results differ from person to person.

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Online Weight Loss Diet Plans by Dietitian Shivani Sikri

Nutri4Verve : Weight Loss Diet Clinic in Delhi

Our Dietician helps you to slim & stay healthy with the help of effective diet programs or diet plans.

Shivani Sikri is one of the best Nutritionist - Dietitian in Delhi, who helps you to get your body in good & healthy shape with is help of diet plans which suites to your body.

Our Prime and Famous Diet Plans options includes Weight loss Diet or Diet for Weight Loss, Pregnancy Diet Plans and Post Pregnancy diets, Diet for Overweight Kids.

Ask for Diet Charts and Diet Plans Online from Our Nutritionist / Dietitian.

We provide Online Diet Consultation with our Dietitian in Delhi NCR,  Dietician in South Delhi and across India.

The timings for Contacting our  Nutritionist-Dietitian in Delhi:  Shivani Sikri @ Nutri4Verve:

All Days Open : 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

Our Services include :

  • Diet for Weight Loss
  • Diet for Weight Gain
  • Diet during Pregnancy
  • Diet for Post Pregnancy
  • Diet for Diabetics
  • Diet for hypothyroid
  • Diet for Quick Weight Loss
  • Diet before Marriage
You can contact us for your needs:
  • Dietitian/ Nutritionist for weight loss
  • Dietitian/ Nutritionist for weight loss near me
  • Dietitian/ Nutritionist Diet plan for Weight Loss
  • Dietitian/ Nutritionist for pregnancy
  • Dietitian/ Nutritionist for babies
  • Dietitian/ Nutritionist for Overweight
  • Dietitian / Nutritionist for PCOD / PCOS
  • Dietitian / Nutritionist in Safdarjung Enclave
  • Nutritionist - Dietitian in Delhi NCR
  • Nutritionist - Dietician in South Delhi
  • Dietitian in Gurgaon
  • Dietitian in Noida
  • Dietitian Tips
  • Dietitian Online

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