Become the Master of your Body !

Our Approach

" Its not just what you eat, but Why.."

We get to the root cause of your weight problem by helping you tackle the reasons for your weight imbalance and find ways to overcome and then you never seek any help again, you become your own faithful dietician, where you know how to tackle your weight gains and losses. So you loose weight and learn living a good and healthy lifestyle too!!

Who knows your body better than you??

Week Online Diet Plan

We offer you 12 week dietary programme & explain what and why the particular food is good or bad for you. We not only help you balance your weight but at the same time help you maintain it too.

It’s all about knowing your body well. A particular food, if bad for someone, might work excellent with your body and something good for you might not gel with someone else’s . We teach you the right food combination which works well with your body. For instance, curd and pulses both are healthy foods but eating them together is not advisable.

When it comes to eating right & exercising, there is nothing as
"I will start tomorrow.. tomorrow is disease"

Simple, Practical & Effective Dietary Advice for all..!

The Consultation Process

Our weekly, private one to one consultations by our expert weight management specialist will help you reach and maintain your desired weight and teach you know how of it too!!  Once you come in contact with us and give your acceptance, we will call or mail you a questionnaire that includes your lifestyle query.

Our Consultation Process includes:

  1. Understanding your current dietary and life style patterns, current nutritional status and medical complains, your state of mind and health, your weight loss goals, food allergens etc.
  2. Body Measurements – height, weight, BMI, waist and hip measurements and body fat.
  3. Assessing your dietary requirements based on any current medical status complaints and medications.
  4. Prescription of your individually tailored dietary plan.
  5. Receive personalized online diets plans right in your mail box.
  6. Provision of dietary plan and relevant literature.
  7. Review with on-going education and motivation to help you achieve your desired goals.

Once we know you and your body well, we will send your personal individually tailored weight loss plan that promises to lose weight but not taste.

We believe a diet plan can work for long only if you like it !

" The purpose is to get healthy, not skinny & maintain a healthy lifestyle "

Our Popular Programs

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