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"We can help you children & teens grow - Fit & Smart"

Nutrition for children & teens is extremely important especially in the childhood. A healthy diet help children grow better and learn better. There is a need to understand the basics of child nutrition. Make healthy choices and teach your kids the same too!!

We provide age appropriate Children Diet plans as per their body needs and requirements specially designed to meet the needs of young children from 5 to 12 years and adolescents from 13 to 18 years old. Our plans are convinient, emphasizing on eating at regular intervals, and the best of all – they’re simple to follow, yummy to tummy and match their active schedules !!

Our child care program consists of two unique plans :

The “Lose Weight Now” Plan & The “GAP – Grow at your Pace”

Questions In Your Mind..

Q: Why is my child overweight even at this growing age?
Parents have a huge influence over the weight of their children. If your child is overweight, you’re not alone. A large percentage of children residing in modern towns and cities of India are overweight or even obese. The basic objective of weight control in children is just: “weight CONTROL not weight LOSS” though proper diet plans.

Q: Will my child be able to follow your diet plans in his busy school schedule?
Yes. We will guide you how to feed your child eat right and nutritious, during his tuition filled days or even during the final exams.

Q: Should I restrict food for my overweight child?
No. It’s not a good idea to restrict food if your child is overweight. Restricting food can induce a binge mentality, and be detrimental to health. The correct approach is to help children to decide properly for themselves how much to eat.

Q: How can I encourage my child to be fit and healthy?
Exercise is a lifetime requirement for optimum health and weight. Encouraging physical activity in childhood is a great way to engender good exercise habits that can endure into adulthood.

Q: What shall I cook to make food fully nutritious for my child?
It’s not easy to cook healthy meals for your kids, or yourself, without some understanding of nutrition. True, we live in a society that is overflowing with foods, but this doesn’t mean that our food is nutritious. We shall guide you what to cook, how to cook so that your child enjoys it.

Q: My daughter (teenager) has suddenly become figure conscious and avoid eating enough food.
When it comes to body weight and shape, teenagers are one of the most vulnerable groups. As a result, they frequently resort to useless and/or harmful methods of weight reduction & starvation methods that can significantly impact upon their health and weight in adulthood.
From ages 12-18 years**, adolescent girls experience dramatic changes in height, weight, bone composition and body fat distribution. In fact, boys usually lose body fat late in adolescence whereas girls store it as a natural part of their development.

Q: Will my daughter (teenage) be able to lose weight quickly for my “School Farewell Party”?
A while back, a teenager came to me for weight loss advice. Let’s call her Rashi. She said she was “desperate” to lose weight for her school Farewell Party. She wanted to lose about 10-12 kgs** in 2 weeks. I said: “Sorry Rashi, the most you can hope for is 6-7 kgs**, maximum.” So she went off and starved herself for 2 weeks. What happened? I learned later she lost about 5 kgs**, and then developed a HUGE mass of spots. (ouch). Point is, when we stop eating, we stop giving our body the goodness it needs to stay healthy. So whatever you do, don’t ignore your health.

Q: How “Dieting” Causes Problems For Teens?
Research shows that even a short period of very strict “dieting” during your early teens can lead to low bone density, which causes weak bones in later life. Between 12-17 years** of age, up to 90 percent** of adult bone mass is laid down, so this is not a time to limit your intake of calcium, vitamin D or vitamin C, all of which are essential for proper bone growth.
“Dieting” may also lead to poor intakes of folic acid and iron. If you lead a busy life at school, with exams, sports and so on, you can’t afford to suffer from the ill-effects of anemia!

** Disclaimer: The results are based on the specific diet plans whose results differ from person to person.

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The main motto behind our “Specialised Children Diet Plans” is to give you the lifelong knowledge, support & information according to individual’s health status, so that you can permanently enjoy healthy life and manage your weight issues by your own in future.



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