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No hunger cramps, no cravings, No weakness, easy to maintain, a perfect balanced diet.
Since it tastes good its easy to keep control on oneself.
One must thing i would say is its Attractive, good and genuine. Simply Awesome!!
Initially lost 3 kg in 1 week and eventually the rest. I was 70 kg and now am 59 kg.
Inspired to loose even more.!!

Priya Vaid

"Bohat accha lagta hai, bohat halka, tabiyat bhee better hai. Am totally satisfied.aapki services bohat acchi hai."

My doctor was surprised to see me. Since am a regular visitor to my doc to get my thyro check . He was simply stunned to see me after 2 months. My cholestrol has gone down , my thyroid medicine dosage has gone down from 100 mcg to 25 mcg. Which is great!!
I lost 8 kgs in 2 months and still inspires to loose more. I am just loving it!!

Kanchan Devi

I was 103 kg when i joined last summer n now am unbelievably 82 kg.
I lost 21 kgs in four months!!!
It has changed my life totally. I use to feel heavy,couldn't wear smart dresses, as it wont fit. I now wear great clothes, i look attractive.actually awesome..!! N plans were so yummy and easy to follow.. I never felt i was on diet !

Kuldeep Sharma

I have tried to lose dozens of times, but every time I tried , I failed. I earlier joined B*** C*** and those sessions were always so boring. With lack of motivation, I often cheated in my diets. But finally at Nutri4Verve , I have achieved my goals. Nobody in the world can understand how happy and glad I am. This is something I can only feel and cant be expressed in words!! I am now happily married and know my body well. The lessons I learned from Shivani ji and her motivational thoughts have been always handy. Thanks a ton!!

Shivu Arora

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